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  • Moroccan Dream
    Sand x White
  • Scents of Provence
    Lavender x Denim
  • Space Travel
    Space Grey x Azure
  • Dance of the Northern Lights
    Moonlight x Olive
  • Sunrise in Bhutan
    Maroon x Grey
  • Allure of Patagonia
    Turquoise x Grey
  • North Sea Voyage
    Moonlight x Grey
  • Sky of Sicily
    Turquoise x Olive
  • Mist of Cape Town
    Peach x Grey
  • White
  • Grey
  • Emerald
  • Peach
  • Olive
  • Maroon
  • Turquoise
  • White (Kids)

Brand Collaboration

NewWorld Mask has rich experience collaborating with brands and corporates. Our one-stop design and manufacturing service has enabled us to tailor make face masks that can best represent your brand. We are also open to any other collaboration and cross-over opportunities.

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Customize Your Face Mask Now

ASTM Level 3 certified, minimum order quantity as low as 4000pcs

Custom Fabric Color & Monogram Custom Strip Color Brand Logo Custom Tagline Custom Earloop Color

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    Thank you for supporting NewWorld Mask.

    “The power of

    business lies in its

    ability to care

    for communities

    and give back to

    the society.”

    Adrian Cheng

    Chief Executive Officer, New World Development


    Made-in-Hong Kong

    face masks that provide

    the best protection

    ASTM Level 2 & 3 (BFE≥98% ; PFE≥98%)


    • Manufactured in a certified

      ISO Class 8 cleanroom
    • Hypoallergenic and
    • Comfortable nose band
      and earloops that fit the
      wearer’s facial contours
      for high breathability
    • Fluid resistant to help
      reduce the wearer’s
      exposure to blood and
      other bodily fluids

    Measurements: Adult – 17.5 x 9.5cm / Kid – 14.5 x 9.5cm

    Love Only Grows

    by Sharing

    NewWorld Mask


    is a shared support platform launched by New World Development (NWD) during the COVID-19 outbreak. It aims to bring together creative and sustainable business solutions to tackle the challenges of the pandemic. It also underpins NWD’s global initiative to continuously give back to communities. The vision for #LoveWithoutBorders is to encourage people and businesses from diverse backgrounds to engage in ”Creating Shared Value” (CSV), and take action in the pursuit of the betterment of humanity.

    Since launching #LoveWithoutBorders, NWD has donated much needed resources to non-profits in Hong Kong and abroad. It has also set up its own face mask production lines and made the face masks available for sale to the public.

    First “Mask-to-Go”

    A creative solution

    Dispenser in HK

    for communities

    combating coronavirus

    We believe that love should see no borders

    The shortage of face masks in local communities has led us to set up our face mask production lines, invent the first “Mask-to-Go” dispenser in Hong Kong; collaborate with non-profits to distribute more than 10 million face masks to low-income families for free since May 2020; and offer our masks for sale to the public, experimenting the Buy One Donate One model. Committed to innovating and giving back to the society, we aim to bring much-needed hope to communities in Hong Kong and abroad in these challenging times, and we hope you will join us in promoting #LoveWithoutBorders.

    Community Donation

    List of NGOs

    • Evangelical Lutheran Church Social Service - Hong Kong
    • Hong Kong Lutheran Social Service
    • Hong Kong Young Women's Christian Association
    • Society for Community Organization
    • St. James’ Settlement
    • The Boys' and Girls' Clubs Association of Hong Kong
    • The Neighbourhood Advice-Action Council
    • The Salvation Army
    • Caritas Youth and Community Service
    • Chinese YMCA of Hong Kong
    • Hong Kong Christian Service
    • Hong Kong PHAB Association
    • Methodist Centre
    • Pok Oi Hospital
    • Sai Kung District Community Centre
    • Hong Kong Family Welfare Society
    • Children's Heart Foundation
    • Heep Hong Society
    • Hong Kong Alliance of Patients' Organizations Limited
    • Hong Kong Women Workers' Association
    • Senior Citizen Home Safety Association

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